Zombie Sweatshirts

01 - zombie movie zipper hoodieZombie Movie Zipper Hoodie

Description: If you have been paying attention lately, then you probably know that zombies are all the rage in both movies as well as video games in the past few years. This Movie Zombie zipper sweatshirt is just the way to express either your love or your hatred (whichever you prefer) for zombies! Because let’s face it… zombies are cool and you desperately need to have one on your sweatshirt!

02 - night of the living dead zipper hoodieNight Of The Living Dead Zipper Hoodie

Description: Some people say the night of the living dead will never come. I’m not so sure about that. But even if it never does, it sure is fun to think and fantasize about it! Thanks to this Night Of The Living Dead Zombie sweatshirt, your friends will never have to guess how much exactly you like zombies. This shirt is 50/50 poly-cotton. Comfortable and warm at the same time.

03 - how to kill a zombie men's hoodieHow To Kill A Zombie Men’s Hoodie

Description: Have you ever wanted to know how to kill a zombie? This How To Kill A Zombie sweatshirt demonstrates it quite clearly. Grab a weapon, aim for the head, don’t miss. How much simpler does it get? You’ll never have to worry about the zombies getting to you. And it’s all because you were smart enough to purchase this zombie preventively!

04 - c1rca zombie full zip hooded sweatshirt for boysC1RCA Zombie Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt For Boys

Description: Did you think you had to be an adult in order to like zombies? Zombies are not only a man’s best friend, but also your kid’s! Children love zombies, plain and simple. So buy your kid this full zipp hooded zombie sweatshirt for boys. He will surely thank you for it. It’s never too early to introduce children to zombies. Now is your chance!

05 - zombie repellent zip up hoodieZombie Repellent Zip Up Hoodie

Description: In case of a zombie attack, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got repellents lying around the house. As it turns out according to this zombie repellent unisex sweatshirt, the best way to repel a zombie is through the use of a double barreled, auto pump action shotgun. According to a certain sweatshirt elsewhere on this page, you will have to aim at the head and don’t miss when you’re pulling the trigger. Makes sense to me. In case you want to be absolutely sure you’ll survive a zombie invasion, simply buy both shirts!

06 - zombie defense team hoodieZombie Defense Team Hoodie

Description: For those of you who have ever wanted to be on a zombie defense team, now is your chance! This zombie defense team sweatshirt is going to make it clear to the world why you are here. You’re here to fight off hordes and hordes of zombies. Isn’t it nice for your friends, family and colleagues to know that you’ll always be there for them to make sure they remain safe from the undead?

07 - zombie slayer association hoodieZombie Slayer Association Hoodie

Description: If being on the zombie defense team doesn’t make you look ‘bad’ enough, then perhaps you ought to consider getting this zombie slayer association hoodie. This one is sure to instill fear in the hearts of the undead. Wait… do undead even have hearts? Well… it doesn’t matter. They won’t need one where you’ll send them once you’re done slaying them!

08 - zombie pwnage hoodieZombie Pwnage Hoodie

Description: Ever wanted to own (excuse me: pown) your very own zombie? Now you can! Thanks to this how to kill a zombie pownage hoodie. This is a slightly different design from the other ‘how to kill a zombie’ hoodie that is posted elsewhere on this page. Take your pick and get the one that you think looks the prettiest!

09 - resident evil zombie repellent hoodie sweatshirtResident Evil Zombie Repellent Hoodie Sweatshirt

Description: Did you like the zombie repellent sweatshirt pictured elsewhere on this page, but are you not a big fan of zippers? Then get this zombie repellent hoodie sweatshirt in pullover edition! It displays ‘Resident Evil’ right on the back. That’s to make sure other people know you’re a fan of the video game franchise by the same name.

10 - zombie protest hoodieZombie Protest Hoodie

Description: After all this overt violence against zombies, it’s about time that somebody had a good talk with them. As this zombie protest sweatshirt clearly states: zombies are people too! Perhaps zombies aren’t as mean and evil as most people think they are. Perhaps we should just give them a chance. We can always decide to slaughter them later on.

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