Special Offer: Buy A Discount Champion Double Dry Classic Fleece Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt For Men On Sale

The Double Dry classic fleece sweatshirts from Champion are among the very best sweatshirts you’ll ever find. Not just on the web, but on the entire market. I’ve already got many Champion sweaters in my closet right now, but I always have to have more.

As usual, this shirt keeps me at a very warm and comfortable temperature, whether I am sitting around at home or walking around outdoors. Around here, temperatures will often be around 50F. For that kind of weather, this shirt is perfectly okay.

I’ve also found that this shirt doesn’t run either small or large. The size is just right. It also didn’t really shrink a whole lot in the washing machine, unlike some other shirts that I’ve ordered in the past. So far, Champion hasn’t failed to impress me with their high quality, yet cheap sweatshirts for men!

It arrived in a very neat package and the delivery was also very quick. It fits great. It’s a little loose, like a decent sweatshirt is supposed to be. That’s just how I like it, because I want to wear them casually.

I’m very happy with my purchase so far and I am seriously considering buying another one in another color. I’ve also seen this shirt in the usual sweatshirt colors such as brown, maroon, dark green, grey, etc. But this granite heather color is also very modern, in my opinion.

The shirt itself keeps me very warm. The attached hood also does a very good job of keeping my head warm. It is two ply, which means it does a great job at insulation. You can seriously keep your head temperature up high wearing this hood. The hood is also the right size for my head and the drawstrings can be used to tighten it.

All in all I would say that this is a great, loose fitting, comfortably warm sweatshirt and I would recommend it to everybody that loves the cozy feel of a good sweatshirt!

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