Soffe Men’s Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt – Review

The Soffe company is well known for delivering extremely stylish looking sweatshirts for a price so low you have to kneel down to see it. I’ve purchased a couple of these shirts already in various colors. I wear them all the time. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the day that I wore anything else than a Soffe sweater.

That’s not entirely true, ofcourse. I do remember wearing other shirts, but most of them couldn’t hold a candle to the warmth, softness and comfort that I get from this shirt. That’s why I wouldn’t want to part with it anymore.

The green one you see pictured above is the first one of this model I ever got. I’ve also got the charcoal heather, the cardinal and the navy blue colors. All of them look good on me and so far, the quality of all four seems high enough that they will last me at least a couple of years.

For this price, the make of these shirts is pretty good. It’s a lightweight men’s sweatshirt. The fabric is pretty thin, but it’s still very strong and durable. Don’t expect a lightweight shirt to keep you warm all throughout the winter, though. You’re going to have to layer this with other clothing if you plan on wearing this in colder weather.

I have found that the sizing is exactly on target. Don’t get a larger or smaller size. This is sometimes necessary with other shirts, which turn out to be either too big or too small when you receive them on your doorstep. But that is not the case with this shirt at all.

In conclusion, I would say this crew neck sweatshirt for men offers the very best price/value that I’ve ever seen in my life. You can’t possibly get more bang for your buck than with this sweater!

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