Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Hooded Zip-up Fleece Sweatshirt – Review

I’ve been a sweatshirt fan for a long time now. I was wearing them as a kid in the eighties already. That’s long before men’s hooded sweatshirts ever became popular. Oh, sure… sweatshirts are considered to be designer clothing now. But there was a time when they were consider to be for sportsmen only. Or college students, ofcourse.

The Russell company has never let me down when it comes to hooded sweatshirts for men. I’m very fond of this brand, which quickly became my favorite after wearing only one or two shirts of this brand. I’m always browsing the web to see what Russell is adding to their clothing line.

This particular shirt looked so good to me that I simply couldn’t resist it. The way the black fabric looks moves something in me. Perhaps it’s the contrast with the white dummy that’s wearing it, but I simply couldn’t stand not to buy this shirt!

So I ordered it right away. At a price like that ($25), there’s no reason to not buy it! It arrived within a week of ordering it and I greedily tore open the package to find my precious sweatshirt all neatly wrapped up in plastic!

Like I mentioned previously… the Russell company never disappoints. As always, Russell has delivered! This is a high quality shirt that I’ve got right here! Warm, cozy, soft material… I love it! The hood is very comfortable as well!

Most of my other sweatshirts are pullovers. I kind of like this zipper shirt as well. Sometimes, I just want to leave it hanging open. I wear it outside most of the time. But when I go back indoors, I tend to get a little warmer. In that case, I simply zip it down so I can wear the sweatshirt but still keep cool.

Good shirt for a low price!!!

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