Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Crewneck Fleece Sweatshirt – Review

I’ve always thought that Russell sweatshirts for men had a very good fit. Upon purchasing and receiving one of these sweaters, I have noticed that with this model… it’s no different. Russell never fails to deliver and it’s probably the reason why they are doing so well for themselves.

I do a lot of work outside and I definitely need a sweater that will keep me warm all throughout the day. This shirt keeps me at a comfortable temperature the whole time. I wear this shirt when it’s a little bit cold, such as the end of the winter and the beginning of fall.

Previous sweatshirts that I have owned didn’t have any of this ‘Dri-Power’ stuff so I used to get wet in those shirts when there is lots of moisture in the air. Luckily, this sweater comes to the rescue and saves my day. It really does repel moisture and you’re going to have to try it out for yourself to believe it.

I’ve put this shirt through some rough outside work activities and it hasn’t torn yet. This one time it accidentally got stuck on a protruding piece of metal and I figured that the shirt would be damaged. Then I looked at the spot that I thought would be torn, like what happened to so many other shirts. But to my surprise, the fabric was still intact!

It’s a pretty heavy shirt that’s going to do a great job at keeping whoever wears it very warm. I’ve washed it a couple of dozen times now and the shape and fit is still the same. No significant shrinkage to speak off.

A week after receiving my first Russell Athletic sweatshirt, I found out there is also a hooded Russell sweatshirt available. So I went ahead and ordered two of those! Like the first order, the delivery of the second was very speedy and no errors were made. No exchanges were ever necessary. Great service and I will definitely order again in the near future.

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