Russell Athletic Men’s Big & Tall Basic Crew Neck Sweatshirt – Review

The Russell sweatshirts are very suitable for those of you who already have plenty of sweatshirts with hoods. Me, personally… I’m definitely one of those people. I got into the habit of buying men’s sweatshirts with hoods because I used to spend lots of time outside. Hoods are good at protecting you from the cold.

But nowadays… I spend more and more time indoors. I got married two years ago and I have my first kid on the way. I’m living the family life now. I see no reason to keep walking around with a hood hanging on my back anymore. I kind of like being free from it. In the long run, it weighs down on you pretty heavily. You won’t notice this consciously until you start wearing sweatshirts without a hoodie, though.

This cozy and snug sweatshirt from Russell keeps me very comfortable while walking around in the home. It’s soft and the material is high quality. Not that I’m a clothing fabric expert or anything like that, but I have the feeling this shirt is going to last me quite a long time.

It’s seen plenty of washes and it’s still going strong. Some shirts that I have owned in the past were pretty much done for after half a year of normal use. But this shirt seems a lot more durable than the others I’ve owned.

This shirt is extremely warm. With this Russell Athletic Basic Crew Neck Sweatshirt, you are going to be as warm as can be. Feel free to turn down the radiator in your home, because you won’t be needing it so much when you are wearing this. Make sure to also purchase a few of these sweatshirts for the rest of the family, otherwise they might get cold. And that would just be unfair!

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