Quicksilver Men’s Sweatshirts

01 - quicksilver men's elite hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Elite Hoodie

Description: Nobody ever gets tired of plaid shirts. The plaid pattern is an all time, here to stay classic that isn’t going to go away. This Quicksilver Men’s Elite Hoodie has the power to make anybody look great. This hoodie has a full zip, allowing you to zip down in case the need arises. It only weighs 280 gram, which ensures that this shirt will never weigh down on you. At the price it is listed at, this shirt is a real bargain. It even has deluxe sherpa lining!

02 - quicksilver men's cohort hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Cohort Hoodie

Description: There are plenty of people that prefer solid color sweatshirts over plaid sweatshirts. If you are one of those persons, then this Quicksilver Men’s Cohort Hoodie is probably the hoodie for you. It is available in other colors besides black. It has a full zip and its hood is very comfortable. The fleece has a slubby feel to it. This can feel great if you develop the taste for it. The faux leather mountain wave logo gives this sweatshirt a unique look to it!

03 - quicksilver men's mash hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Mash Hoodie

Description: This Quicksilver Men’s Mash Hoodie sure is something. Its unique design really makes it stand out. The color combination and the simple stripe pattern do a very good job at making sure that you will stand out in a crowd real easily. But don’t think for one second that this shirt is all about looks. It actually has a thermal hoodliner. Not only is the hood very comfortable, it is also very functional. Great for wearing outdoors in chilly weather!

04 - quicksilver men's easy rider fleece hoodie Quicksilver Men’s Easy Rider Fleece Hoodie

Description: Quicksilver might have many flashy looking shirts in its line of sweatshirts, but with this Quicksilver Men’s Easy Rider Fleece Hoodie you can go back to basic. This hoodie manages to look simple and cool at the same time. It has no prints, save for a stripe pattern at the waist and the cuffs. But the lining in this modestly modern looking shirt really does an effective job at making this one of the best minimalistic hoodies that the market has ever seen!

05 - quicksilver men's amplified hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Amplified Hoodie

Description: This 80% cotton, 20% polyester Quicksilver Men’s Amplified Hoodie weighs only 280 grams. It’ is a very lightweight shirt, but this doesn’t mean it cannot keep a guy warm in the cold. Thanks its extra special ‘popcorn’ sherpa lining, it is amazingly effective at protecting its wearer from the chilly cold. The high density screenprint at the top is sure to make it clear to the world exactly what brand you are a fan of!

06 - quicksilver men's future sailor hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Future Sailor Hoodie

Description: This Quicksilver Men’s Future Sailor Hoodie is a very warm and comfortable jacket-like hoodie sweatshirt that is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has a military styling to it. The pinstripe print is also something you don’t see everyday. At a weight of 310 grams, it weighs slightly heavier than Quicksilver’s lighter 280 gram models. But this sweatshirt can be worn like a jacket. Guaranteed to keep you warm for a long time, even in the blistering cold!

07 - quicksilver men's owen fleece hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Owen Fleece Hoodie

Description: Do you ever feel like running out the door and going for a quick jog to refresh your mind? With this Quicksilver Men’s Owen Fleece Hoodie, you will certainly stay warm no matter how cold the weather is that you are having a jog in. This very basic full zip hoodie is meant to be worn by the active man. The left chest embroidery gives it that little bit of extra flair that a true Quicksilver shirt is supposed to have. The sherpa lining does a lot to keep the cold out and the warmth in!

08 - quicksilver men's retreat hoodieQuicksilver Men’s Retreat Hoodie

Description: A simple stripe pattern can do an amazing job at making a hoodie look good. Nobody knows how to deliver striped patterned hoodies like Quicksilver does. Buy this Quicksilver Men’s Retreat Hoodie if you’re the stripe loving type. Many have gone before you, and many will follow behind you. It is available in the colors navy, merlot and black heather. Simplicity doesn’t get any more stylish than this!

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