Proto Fighter 07 Men’s Sweatshirt Olive – Review

I was browsing around for a new sweatshirt recently and I stumbled on this baby right here. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… a men’s sweatshirt that looks like a cool motor jacket or something? I was actually planning on buying your regular old sweatshirt with an even color all over. I also had my mind set on a hooded shirt, but this one doesn’t have one. I can understand why, because it just wouldn’t suit this particular model. So I decided to put myself past this and purchase this sweatshirt anyway.

It arrived quickly so all I can say about the shipping service is that it is great! Naturally, I tried it on right away. It was slightly smaller than I had anticipated, but it still fit me really nicely. Luckily it didn’t shrink after doing a couple of laundries. This sweatshirt for men is truly awesome. Wherever I go, people compliment me, often telling me they’ve never seen anything like it before in their lives. They also want to know where I got it, but I usually keep this a secret. He he.

I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now. I can say from experience that this product is great quality. The new price is $50 I believe, but I managed to pick it up for much less than that on Amazon. This Proto Fighter Sweatshirt is the biggest steal I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like I’m robbing the company in broad day light or something.

I will be buying more products from the Proto company in the future. Up until today, I didn’t know sweatshirts could have this much style. I’ll also purchase another sweatshirts with a hood, ofcourse. You have to have a hood when you decide to do a little jogging in the cold morning!

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