On Sale: Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie S1051

I frequently have to do chores outdoors, because my job basically has me driving around from one address to the next to do work around the yard and other chores. Sometimes, it can get pretty cold. It’s quite uncomfortable to wear a jacket outdoors for me. So I had to find another way to stay warm without restricting my own mobility too much.

I have found the solution to my problem in this Champion sweatshirt for men. It was available in many colors, but I really liked this dark red (or maroon) color. But I didn’t choose this one for the color alone. It also has some features that were useful to me.

Take the front pouch pocket for example. Very often I’ll be standing on a ladder and I’ll need to bring some stuff with me on my way up. I have found the front pouch pocket to be the ideal way to take stuff up a ladder, just so long as it isn’t too big or too heavy.

What I also like are the metal grommets on the drawstrings for the hood. I’ve had sweatshirts in the past that didn’t have metal grommets and they drawstrings eventually started to fray at the ends.

It’s a pretty heavy sweatshirt. It’s really meant for those who actually intend to do outdoor labor in it. I suppose you could also use it for exercise. I might try it out some day when I go jogging. I wonder if it will still keep me warm then. I have the feeling that it will!

In the past, I have worn a lot of sweatshirt from the Russell company. But I must say that this Champion hoodie sweatshirt is also doing a fantastic job of keeping me warm and comfy all throughout the day.

I will definitely get a few more Champion shirts in the coming months!

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