On Sale: Champion Reverse Weave Crewneck S1049 Sweatshirt For Men

A good while ago, one of my last remaining sweatshirts got damaged while I took a bad fall and it was beyond repair. That sure was a shame, because that was my favorite sweatshirt of all time. It was also a Champion shirt. I’m a big fan of the company.

Being loyal to the Champion brand, I set out to find a replacement sweatshirt for the one that I had just damaged. I can’t live without having Champion gear in my clothing closet. But on the other hand, I didn’t have much to spend. Luckily, Champion shirts don’t cost a whole lot anymore.

I prefer dark colors but not too dark. I once wore a black sweatshirt and it started to get a little boring after a while. I’ve considered wearing bright colors as well, because there are plenty of those to go around. But I figured it wouldn’t look good on me.

This dark green color is a great way to pick the middle road. I made sure to pick the right size and was hoping that it didn’t run small or large. I always hate it when a shirt is larger or smaller than it is advertised. But in this case, it was exactly the right size and I couldn’t be happier with it.

This shirt is claimed to be ‘low-shrinkage’. And I must confess that it really didn’t shrink a lot more than most of my other clothing. I’m happy about that, because the size was already spot on when it arrived. It has shrunk just a little bit, but nothing that I can’t overcome.

The shirt is made of more than 80% extra heavy cotton. If you’re a big fan of cotton clothing, then you should definitely give this sweatshirt a try. Even if you’re not used to wearing sweatshirts at all. It really is that comfortable!

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