Hanes Men’s Ultimate Cotton Full Zip Fleece Hood – Review

With the recent craze in sweatshirts, it’s hard not to be affected by the sweatshirt virus. Not too long ago, I was reading a little bit of history on these things. They used to be sports wear only. They used to be worn by skating teens and other young people hanging out in the street. But this is no longer the case. Men’s sweatshirts have really entered the mainstream.

There are lots of them now, available in all colors and all sizes. Some of them have hoods, others don’t. Some of them are zip shirts, others are pullovers. The choices never end. Luckily though, most of these shirts are extremely cheap. They’re cheap enough that you can buy them by the dozen. Well, okay… a dozen might be a little too much. But I, personally, bought three at a time.

I got them off Amazon myself. Amazon always has the greatest discounts. There’s always a bunch of sweatshirts on sale over there. That’s how I managed to get my hands on three without spending a small fortune.

This Hanes Ultimate Cotton Fleece Men’s Sweatshirt is available in a few colors, most of which are dark. I’ve got the red one pictured above, plus the dark chocolate one and the deep forest one. The blue one, I also liked… but I figured that three shirts was enough for one purchase.

Overall, this sweatshirt for men keeps me very warm and I feel comfortable in it. I also wear these shirts when I go take a long walk outside. And sometimes I go jogging too. I never overheat in this shirt. It’s warm, but it’s breathable at the same time.

It’s got a great hood to keep my head warm when it’s cold outside. This shirt runs a little large and it didn’t shrink in the wash. But hey, it’s a hoodie… so who really cares, you know what I mean?

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