Funny Christmas Sweatshirts

01 - it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas funny sweatshirtIt’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas Sweatshirt

Description: If you enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit and you want to do it with style, then this naughty Santa Clause sweatshirt is probably the best way to go at it. You’re sure to get a couple of your friends comment on this while you’re wearing this at the Christmas dinner table!

02 - where my ho's at funny christmas sweatshirtWhere My Ho’s At Funny Christmas Sweatshirt

Description: Where my ho’s at, indeed. Interpret the message on this very original Where My Ho’s At? Christmas sweatshirt any way you see fit, but don’t blame me if your girlfriend or wife isn’t speaking to you anymore during and after the holidays. Next to being a very funny sweater, this sweatshirt is surprisingly warm because it is made of a high quality material. You won’t have to wear this one indoors only, you can just as easily step out and get a few laughs from the neighbors and the other people on your block!

03 - egg nog funny christmas sweatshirtSanta Clause Egg Nogg Funny Christmas Sweatshirt

Description: We all know what egg nogg does to a guy. And Santa’s no different. Whenever Santa has had some egg nogg, he needs to find some relief. What better way than to just take a pee in the snow and spell out a Have A Merry Christmas message while he’s at it? You’re bound to get a few good laughs when you’re wearing this one!

04 - snowman freeze funny christmas sweatshirtSnowman Freeze Funny Christmas Sweatshirt

Description: So this one snowman comes up to this other snowman and he says ‘Freeze, your money or your life!’. Hardy har har! That sure is a funny joke to put on a Snowmen Christmas Sweatshirt. Now you can finally wear a shirt and come off as slightly dangerous. You know you’ve always wanted to. And at this sweatshirt’s price, it’s hard to leave this one lying. Get this shirt and have a few good laughs with your friends! No snowmen were harmed during the making of this sweatshirt.

05 - fugly funny christmas sweatshirtFugly Funny Christmas Sweater

Description: Have you ever had one of those Christmases where the whole family got together and your granny gave you the world’s fugliest Christmas sweatshirt? This particular shirt doesn’t joke around. It blatantly admits it’s ugly. So now that the ice has been broken, you can feel good wearing it despite its ghastly looks. Not for the faint of heart. It takes real courage to wear a sweatshirt like this!

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