Fruit Of The Loom 8 Oz Adult Best Poly-Cotton Hooded Pullover – Review

I remember when I was a kid… my mother used to buy Fruit Of The Loom shirts for me all the time. I really liked them and sort of developed a passion for the brand. Now that I’m a big boy, I don’t wear cutesy kids’ t-shirts anymore. But what I do like to wear, are warm sweatshirts for men!

I’m 6’2” and I weight around 180 lbs. I order this sweatshirt in large. It arrived pretty quickly, which I was very happy with, naturally. I tried it on right out of the package and it was immediately clear to me that I had selected the right size. It’s slightly larger than I thought it would be, but if I would’ve gone with medium, it would’ve been too small for me.

I’m wearing this hooded pullover sweatshirt the whole day now. But every once in a while it has to be washed, so I can’t wear it for a few hours. I always get a little down when I’m not wearing my beloved Fruit Of The Loom shirt, so I’m seriously considering purchasing a few more soon.

It’s a good price, the shipping is fast and now that I’ve tried out one shirt, I know which size is right for me. When I buy more, I will likely try out other colors. It is also available in red, green, white and brown. It’s also available in pink, which is nice for the ladies… but I think I’ll pass.

It’s a fairly lightweight shirt, so don’t count on it to keep you warm at wintertime. The material is thin, but still strong enough that it’s going to last you a long time. Great sweatshirt for wearing indoors. But I suppose you can also wear it outdoors when it’s summer season!

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