Discount Champion Double Dry Elevation 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt For Men On Sale

Over the past few years, I’ve worn enough sweatshirts that I can easily spot the good ones from the bad ones. I’m used to wearing sweatshirts that are either almost entirely or entirely made of cotton. Cotton is a great material that never fails to disappoint me.

But this shirt was, to my complete surprise, 100% polyester! While the polyester material is known to not breathe very well and make people sweat, this shirt actually does a pretty good job at preventing that.

The fabric is made in such a way that the moisture that the body naturally produces, is wicked away from the body itself. This prevent you from building up an excessive amount of sweat in this shirt.

While cotton is very breathable, it does absorb a certain percentage of its own weight in moisture. This percentage is around 7%. But this high tech polyester wicking fabric only absorbs 0.4% of its own weight in water.

So the polyester actually has cotton beat in the water retention department. The great thing about wicking fabrics is that they will never make you feel cold and clammy after sweating and cooling down again.

The moisture your body produces, doesn’t stay on the inside. Instead, it is spread out and eventually reaches the outside of the shirt, where it simply evaporates into the surround air. No more clammy shirts at the end of the day.

Because this shirt does such a great job of dealing with perspiration, the zipper is only 1/4th long. It really doesn’t need to be any longer. There is simply no need to zip down all the way with this shirt. And that’s simply because of the great perspiration management due to the wicking fabric.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel as comfortable in a polyester shirt as you did in a cotton shirt, then I think you should give this shirt a try. Worth the money more than two times over!

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