DC Young Men’s Starline Zip Hooded Sweatshirt – Review

I recently purchased this sweatshirt for my teenage son, who never gets enough of sweatshirts. I really liked the simple stripe pattern on this DC sweatshirt. There is also a version in white and grey but I liked that less. My son likes some colors on his gear, just so long as the colors are not too bright. Green has always looked good on him. And it matches his interest, because he likes to play around in parks and stuff.

It’s a fashionable design that would also look good on a twenty something or even a thirty something. Ofcourse, this DC men’s sweatshirt comes with the obligatory hood. It’s zipped for easy putting on and taking off. I like zipped sweatshirts myself, because it’s a little easier to cool off a little when you are getting too hot. Just zip down and voila… you’ve got some fresh air coming at you.

My son seems to be very happy with it. At a price this low, the sweatshirt is really a magnificent steal. It has a fleece interior for extra warmth. He wore this in the autumn last year, when he was playing around outside. He never once complained of being cold. Ofcourse, when the winter hit, he needed to put a winter jacket over this. But then again… sweatshirts aren’t winter jackets, ofcourse.

So all in all… this sweatshirt keeps him warm and it looks good at the same time. It stays pretty even though we’ve washed it many times ever since we bought it for him. It’s a great hooded men’s sweatshirt of high enough quality that it was easily worth the money.

My son’s birthday is coming up and me and the wife are thinking about buying him one or two more DC sweatshirts. I hear this shirt is also available in blue, which is also a very pretty color. I might try to find him one of those!

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