Christmas Sweatshirts

01 - merry christmas sweatshirtMerry Christmas Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: ChoiceShirts

Description: Christmas is coming and you need to find a way to let Santa know you’re a big fan of him. How else are you going to get loads of presents from him? This classic, vintage looking Merry Christmas Santa Clause Sweatshirt is probably going to do the job real nicely when it comes to letting Santa know how you feel about him!

02 - tree frogs forest green christmas sweatshirtTree Frogs Forest Green Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: Earth Sun Moon

Description: This Christmas Tree Frogs Sweatshirt displays something that resembles a Christmas tree… made of frogs. I suppose this shirt is best for people that are fans of all three: Christmas, trees and frogs. I’m not sure what Christmas has to do with frogs, but if you think frogs are cool and you want to celebrate the holidays with them… this is the shirt for you!

03 - merry christmas holiday sweatshirtMerry Christmas Holiday Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: CutieBeauty

Description: If you want to celebrate the holidays in a stylish way but you don’t like shirts with a plethora of bright colors, then this simpler looking Merry Christmas Holidays Sweatshirt is probably a good one for you. Available in white only so you won’t have a tough time making a good choice. Merry Christmas, everybody!

04 - claire murray nantucket dory rollneck tunic christmas sweatshirtChristmas Nantucket Dory Rollneck Tunic Sweater
Manufacturer: Claire Murray

Description: How often does it occur that you find a sweatshirt that is dedicated to the place of your birth? If you’re from Nantucket, this Nantucket Dory Rollneck Tunic Sweater must feel to you like it was made… especially for you! The Christmas tree floating around at the coast of Nantucket island can’t make it any more clear that this shirt is indeed dedicated to your much beloved native island. If you live in Nantucket and you’re serious about celebrating the holidays, please do so in this sweater!

05 - greendog train christmas sweaterRed Christmas Train Sweater
Manufacturer: Greendog

Description: What better way to thank your kid for his unconditional love for you than to buy him this Red Christmas Train Sweater for Christmas? I’m sure he’ll love it, as it is completely made of cotton and it is bound to keep him warm and comfortable. It’s a machine wash shirt, so you won’t have much of a hassle keeping this clean. Imagine how cute your little boy or girl is going to look wearing this! Get those cameras everybody!

06 - it's the season adult christmas sweaterT’Is The Season Christmas Adult Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: ChoiceShirts

Description: If you like the vintage look, then this T’Is The Season Christmas Adult Sweatshirt is what you need to get your hands on to celebrate your holidays in. What’s cuter than snowmen wearing lots of shopping bags with food and presents? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! The shirt is not only pretty, but it’s also a high quality garment. This polycotton sweatshirt will keep you warm!

07 - greendog tree with balls christmas sweater vestChristmas Tree With Balls Sweater Vest
Manufacturer: Greendog

Description: While this site might be the number one resource for ‘sweatshirts for men’, let us not forget about our little boys. This Christmas Tree With Balls Sweater Vest is bound to make your little kid look all nice and dressed up for when uncles, grandparents, neices,nephews and cousins come over for the Christmas family dinner. Give your son something to show off to his family. He will thank you for it when he grows up!

08 - griswold family adult hoodie christmas sweatshirt Christmas Vacation Griswold Family Red Adult Hoodie Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: Christmas Vacation

Description: Ever seen the movie ‘Christmas Vacation’ about the Griswold family that wanted a great vacation but got hell instead? It’s an alltime classic from ‘89. If you were around back then already, this Griswold Family Christmas Vacation Sweatshirt will probably revive the memory of the movie very quickly. Hey… I have an idea! You could wear this sweatshirt while you are watching the movie… on Christmas eve!!!

09 - christmas tree matching holiday family sweatshirtsChristmas Tree Holiday Family Matching Sweatshirts
Manufacturer: Footsteps Clothing

Description: Since Christmas is all about family, Footsteps Clothing provides you with the opportunity to have dad and son (or mom and daughter if you please, because the sizing is unisex) wear the exact same Matching Family Christmas Tree Holiday Sweatshirts! One hundred percent cotton for guaranteed comfort. These shirts are going to be responsible for some serious family bonding during the holidays!

10 - i still believe red christmas sweatshirtI Still Believe Christmas Sweatshirt
Manufacturer: Earth Sun Moon

Description: Do you still believe in Santa Clause? So do I! What exactly is all this ‘do you still believe’ stuff about? Santa’s real, isn’t he? When you’re wearing this I Still Believe Christmas Sweatshirt, you are making a serious dedication to the holiday spirit. Let’s see your friends and family top the message on this crewneck sweatshirt for men!

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