Cheap Champion Navy Blue UCLA Bruins Hooded Sweatshirt For Men

Being a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, I simply had to get my hands on a UCLA sweatshirt. All my friends were already wearing them, proudly displaying to the world where they were from. But I was still left behind.

I’ve always looked great in hoodie shirts. But I never looked as awesome in a hoodie has I do in this one. Apparently this is a unisex model, meaning that it can be worn by both men and women. A lot of my girlfriends have always worn my men’s sweatshirts, so I had kind of assumed that all sweatshirts were unisex.

Either way… this one is a really nice fit that follows the lines of my body in a very natural way. I am using this UCLA sweatshirt for wearing around on campus, but not so much for working out in. It’s only 50% cotton and the other 50% is polyester. Polyester shirts are not my favorite for performing physical exercise in.

But I still like to wear this shirt when I am walking around outside. Every once in a while a student like me has got to put the books back in the shelves and get some fresh air, you konw what I’m saying? This shirt is great for keeping me warm in chilly weather.

There is a front pouch pocket where I can store things. This actually comes in handy sometimes. Frequently, I will make a trip to the super market and get something that I had neglected to pick up earlier on. Instead of having to bag it, I can simply stuff it in my pouch and keep my hands free on the way home.

It’s a pretty high quality shirt. I’ve seen worse for the amount of money that I have spent on this one. There is also another UCLA shirt where the print looks slightly different. I’m thinking about picking that one up as well!

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