Cheap Champion Cardinal Red 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt For Men

I’ve always liked sweatshirts such as this one. But this is the first one that I’ve owned that’s as bright red as this one is. I must confess that I had never thought that I’d ever be walking around in a shirt this color, but it turned out to be a great shirt for me.

I realize I’m not the only sweatshirt lover out there. There are a lot of people that enjoy wearing them these days. They’ve really become a lot more popular in the last few years. I used to wear a lot of hoodies, but I got enough of those so I was looking around for a great crewneck model.

This is a really great crewneck as you can see. In the picture, it looks pretty tight, but it’s nowhere near as tight as you’d expect it to be. And the price… man, I can’t believe how low the price for this shirt was. When was the last time you picked up a shirt that was less than ten bucks?

If you look at the price/value ratio of this shirt, then it’s really not going to get any better than this. I ordered this shirt online and it arrived quickly after only two days of waiting. This is the XXL size, which is large enough for me.

At first, it was a little too big, but I know how to shrink clothes in the washing machine by washing it at a high temperature. After that, it was exactly the right size.

I would say this shirt is a midweight shirt, making it very suitable to wear in both the autumn as well as the winter. If it’s too cold outside in the winter, then it’s best if you only wear this shirt indoors!

For mid winter outdoor sweatshirts, get a heavyweight instead!

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