Champion Super Hood Full Zip Sweatshirt For Men On Sale

Every single time that the Champion company comes out with a new sweatshirt, I’m one of the first to check it out. Being a real fan of the Champion brand, I can’t afford to miss out on anything new. I can’t afford to purchase all new shirts they release, unfortunately.

This one, I simply could not pass up. I was looking for a shirt with a zipper, because all my current sweatshirts are pullovers. I needed a zipper shirt with a good hood that would keep me warm outside. But sometimes I get a little too hot. Then I need a zipper to zip down and let in some cool air.

I got the white version of this shirt, which you can see pictured above. But this shirt also comes in the colors java and oxford grey. The java color is some sort of dark brown, while the oxford grey is a dark kind of grey. Both of them were very awesome.

I personally went with white because I want people to see me when I’m walking outdoors late at night. I live in a neighborhood with some dark areas where cars are driving up and down the road constantly. A nice white shirt very well might save my life.

This super hood sweatshirt for men is one of the best hoodies that I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. The hood is two ply, which makes it one of the very warmest that I’ve ever felt around my noggin.

The shirt is almost all cotton. This great hoodie is basically comfort and style all rolled into one magnificent sweatshirt. The hood is purposely over sized, but it comes with a draw string so you can pull it on a little tighter.

You can’t go wrong with Champion sweatshirts. Champion always delivers. And this awesome super hoodie sweatshirt certainly is no exception to Champion’s rule of excellence!

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