Champion Men’s Double Dry Classic Fleece Full Zip Hood – Review

Not too long ago, I bought this sweatshirt by Champion on Amazon. It certainly isn’t a bad shirt for the low, low price that I paid for it. I paid slightly over twenty bucks for this thing. Do you have any idea what you’d pay for it if you’d get it from a local store? At least double that! Some have the nerve to charge around $75 for a shirt like this.

I’d rather get them from Amazon.

I’ve order other stuff (not only clothing) from Amazon before and in most cases my orders are delivered fairly quickly. Only rarely does it occur that I have to send an item back because I want to exchange it.

This galaxy blue sweatshirt by Champion is just what I needed to stay dry outside when the rain starts falling unexpectedly. That happens pretty often where I live. This Double Dry Fleece Sweater protects me when the weather gets a little moist.

I really like the color of this shirt. There are some other colors available as well. I especially liked the deep loden color as well. It’s a sort of brown. Click the image above to take a look for yourself. I can’t really explain a color in mere words.

Like many other sweaters by Champion, this one runs a little large. I recommend getting a smaller size if you want to make sure that you have a good fit. I will try to shrink this but I’m not sure if I will succeed. At this low price, I’m not going to exchange the shirt. I’d rather just buy one extra at a smaller size. I think I’ll go for the deep loden shirt this time!

The fleece on the inside of this shirt is very soft and will keep you warm.

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