Champion Men’s Double Dry Classic Fleece Crew – Review

My husband has been a fan of the Champion line of sweatshirts for a long time. I buy him a few of these kinds of shirts every year. Recently I bought this one and my hubby absolutely loves it!!! This is a great men’s sweatshirt, but it does run a little large. That’s okay though, because he gains a little bit of weight sometimes, lol!

I think a size smaller would’ve also fit really nice on him, because the material stretches very well. It’s a comfortable fit… I wouldn’t say that one size fits all, but this definitely comes close!

This sweatshirt for men is really soft to the touch. I like to snuggle up to my hubby in the evening when we are sitting on the couch and he is wearing it. He is very thankful that I purchased this for him and he said he wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Because this shirt is available in so many colors, I had a hard time picking one. I went with blue because he didn’t have any sweatshirts in this color yet. But the brown edition of this Champion’s shirt is also very gorgeous. Sometimes I wish I had bought that one instead, because it would’ve made hubby look more like a cuddly teddy bear, lol!!!

I would say this is a medium weight sweatshirt… it’s not as light as some others that I have seen around, but it’s also not too heavy. For very cold weather, you would certainly need to have one with a thicker material. This shirt is great for weather that is only mildly cold.

Winter is arriving in only a few months, so I will be buying another Champion men’s sweatshirt pretty soon. A heavyweight shirt, so he can stay warm outside as well!

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