Caterpillar Hoodies For Men

01 - caterpillar men's tm banner sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s TM Banner Sweatshirt 

Description: Caterpillar sweatshirts are among the best that money can buy. This particular shirt comes in a classic brown color and it’s got the Caterpillar logo displayed right down the sleeve. This Caterpillar Men’s TM Banner Sweatshirt is very classy indeed with its self lined 3 piece hood with drawcord and yellow neck tape. It’s 80% cotton so if you’re a fan of cotton, you won’t be disappointed with this particular shirt. Show off your Caterpillar pride and stay warm at the same time!

02 - caterpillar men's trademark hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Trademark Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: If you’re serious about staying warm, you seriously need to consider getting this Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Hooded Sweatshirt. The black edition is probably the prettiest one, but it is also available in other colors. This might come in handy, because not everybody will have the same taste. The Caterpillar trademark is displayed proudly on the front. The front also has a very handy dandy hand warmer pocket. You can also use it to store stuff!

03 - caterpillar men's thermal lined hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Thermal Lined Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: Fans of the Caterpillar brand won’t have to suffer from the cold. Not while they’re wearing this Caterpillar Men’s Thermal Lined Hooded Sweatshirt, at least. The thermal lining gives this shirt better insulating properties. It’s going to keep all your own body warmth inside and at the same time it will keep the cold outside air out. Staying warm in cold weather has never been easier, thanks to this sweatshirt!

04 - caterpillar men's full zip hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: Caterpillar has made sure to keep fans of zipper sweatshirts in mind. This Caterpillar Men’s Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt leaves the regulation of your body temperature completely up to you. Whenever you’re feeling cold… zip up. Whenever you’re feeling warm, zip down. It’s just that easy with Caterpillar’s zip up hoodie. Available in the colors dark earth brown, chili pepper red and black!

05 - caterpillar men's thermal lined full zip hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Thermal Lined Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: Do you want thermal lining, but still have the option of zipping up and down to regulate your own body’s temperature whenever the need arises? With this Caterpillar Men’s Thermal Lined Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt, you can! The  thermal lining will ensure that you never lose too much warmth. However, it’s still possible that you will get too warm and need to cool down. That’s when the zipper comes in handy. This hooded zipper sweatshirt is very suitable for playing sports and other outdoor activities!

06 - caterpillar men's power zip sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Power Zip Sweatshirt 

Description: Many people want to wear sweatshirts because they simply enjoy relaxing in them. While it is true that sweatshirts can be very comfortable, they were originally built to survive being worn by hard working men. This Caterpillar Men’s Power Zip Sweatshirt is precisely the shirt that you’re looking for when you have hard work to do. It’s got ‘built for power’ right there on the chest. It doesn’t get more obvious than that. This is a working man’s hoodie!

07 - caterpillar men's block c hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Block C Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: If you’ve been around for a long time and you have already enjoyed the occasional sweatshirt in your day, then you will probably be familiar with the Block C logo. This Caterpillar Men’s Vintage Block C Hooded Sweatshirt brings back the Block C logo from good ol’ 1976. Like with so many things, simplicity is the key… this goes for style and fashion as well. You can’t get any more stylish than you can with this vintage logo sweatshirt.

08 - caterpillar men's shield hooded sweatshirtCaterpillar Men’s Shield Hooded Sweatshirt 

Description: While most Caterpillar sweatshirts are made of a healthy combination of cotton and polyester, this particular shirt caters to the people that strongly prefer polyester. As a lover of the polyester material, you can’t go wrong with this Caterpillar Men’s Shield Hooded Sweatshirt. Raglan sleeves and a 3 piece hood with draw cord make this shirt as complete as all the other Caterpillar shirts. This 100% polyester jersey has been bonded to microfleece. It will not only keep you warm, but it will also shield you from moist weather. Great if you spend lots of time working outdoors!

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