Carhartt Men’s Thermal-Lined Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt – Review

You can’t get around the Carhartt company when it comes to men’s sweatshirts. The Carhartt company is a real powerhouse in the area of hoodies these days. After purchasing one of their awesome sweatshirts for myself, I started to notice how many people were wearing this things this day and age.

It seems to be a real popular brand and I think I can see why. I bought this so I could be a little warmer while walking my dog late in the evening. It tends to get a little chilly later in the day. Sometimes, it’s too warm to wear a jacket so I go out without one… and I still get cold after a while.

Sweatshirts give you great protection from mild cold, however. And ever since I got this Carhartt men’s sweatshirt, I have not shivered one time in all those weeks that I’ve been wearing it outside.

And look at the color… have you ever seen such a stylish brown? It’s called ‘Carhartt Brown’. This company just goes right ahead and names a color after itself. Such modest! Lol!

No, but seriously… it really is a great sweatshirt. It has thermal lining and for that reason it will keep its wearer a lot warmer than a regular sweatshirt without this thermal lining. There are also two hand warmer pockets, which I really like. I often warm one hand at a time while walking my god, because I’m always using one hand to hold the leash.

To sum things up… this sweatshirt is very warm and a little bit heavy. It has an inside pocket as well, so it’s as close as it comes to a jacket without actually being a jacket! If you are looking for some serious cold protection, then you need to spend a few bucks and get your hands on this sweatshirt. It’s just that awesome!

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