Carhartt Men’s Midweight Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt – Review

I am a long time fan of Carhartt sweatshirts for men. If you go and visit a local clothing store, I am sure you will find very high prices there. That’s why I always get my Carhartt gear on the Internet! I’ve bought sweaters from eBay and Amazon in the past. I have better experiences with Amazon than I do with eBay, but that’s just a personal thing.

This really is a great hoodie. I also prefer pullover sweaters to ones that have a zipper. I like to be outside a lot and some zipper shirts let in cold wind through the cracks in the zipper. That problem simply doesn’t exist with pullovers.

Naturally, this Carhartt hoodie sweatshirt also has the obligatory attached hood and cords. The hood is very comfortable. In the picture, you can clearly see the hood has a very good shape that fits around most people’s heads really nicely. It fits as comfortable as it looks in the picture, trust me on that one!

It really is a great material too. It’s not fuzzy and it doesn’t deteriorate quickly when you wash it a couple of times. The Carhartt company obviously knows how to deliver good quality men’s sweatshirts at a very competitive price.

I’ve found out that this shirt runs a little bit large, so you might want to consider getting one that’s one size smaller. I think you will find that it fits you a lot better than. Don’t count on this shirt shrinking in the wash because it just doesn’t.

Being a midweight shirt, this sweater will protect you from mildly cold weather. I advise that you wear this in the spring and in the fall and other times of year with a comparable temperature. If you live somewhere where it’s very cold, go with a heavyweight shirt instead!

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