Carhartt Men’s Heavyweight Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt – Review

I’m a real outdoorsy kind of person. I live quite a distance away from the civilized world, close to the forest and the mountains. I like my privacy, so my exact location shall remain undisclosed. However, I am more than willing to review this Carhartt sweatshirt for men that I recently purchased from this very same website.

I like to go outside and take a long walk in the forest. When it’s a hot summer, I can walk around in a t-shirt or whatever. But when autumn arrives, I tend to get kind of cold. I’ve tried wearing jackets, but a lot of jackets weigh pretty heavy on me after a while. I also tend to overheat in jackets. They also restrict me in my movement, which I don’t appreciate too much when I am climbing a hill.

For a long time, I have looked around for a decent piece of clothing that would give me the right amount of protection without being too much of a hassle. This Carhartt heavyweight men’s sweatshirt was a real life saver for me. I wish I had thought of sweatshirts before as an option to keep me warm on my outings.

Now that I have this hooded pullover sweatshirt, it’s hard to imagine that I was ever without. I wouldn’t go back to being sweatshirtless for a million bucks! This heavyweight shirt gives me all the protection I need in the autumn season. It’s warm, it’s cozy… I even like to wear it inside these days. Me and my shirt are pretty much inseparable now.

It was very affordable. Only $40! And look at what I am getting in return for my money. Now this is bang for your buck!

A high quality sweatshirt that is durable, warm and comfy. I always have warm hands thanks to the front pockets!

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