Buy An Adidas Los Angeles Lakers Purple Fringed Full Zip Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt For Men Online

adidas los angeles lakers purple fringed full zip fleece hooded sweatshirt for menLos Angeles Lakers Purple Fringed Full Zip Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt For Men
Manufacturer: Adidas
Colors: Purple

Description: What’s better than to be wearing the world’s most comfortable hoodie sweatshirt while supporting your favorite team at the same time? Nothing is! And thanks to Adidas, this dream can now come true! The LA Lakers have never been happier thanks to the fact that a large share of their fanbase is now wearing this awesome, officially NBA-licensed sweatshirt when they are rooting for them on the front row! This sweater is more than just a shirt with a Lakers logo… it’s a thick, warm, mid- to heavy-weight hoodie with draw cords and pouch pockets that will keep you warm at all times. The cotton/polyester material make this one easy to wash as well.

Review: I’ve supported the Lakers for I don’t know how many years now. I became a fan before I had even entered my teen years. I try to visit any game that I can and I’ve worn this Adidas LA Lakers Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt to one of their games already. They won it and I like to think it’s because I was right there with them, rooting for them in my Lakers shirt. I was definitely their proudest fan that day. But even when I can’t visit them in real life and I have to watch the game on TV… I’m still wearing my Lakers shirt to support them at a distance. I love this shirt so much… I even wear it when they’re not playing!

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