Buy A WeSC Overlay Light Sweatshirt For Men Online

wesc overlay light sweatshirt for men Overlay Light Sweatshirt For Men
Manufacturer: WeSC
Colors: Black, Grey Melange

Description: Crew sweatshirts can easily be as cool as hoodies and the WeSC company is out to prove it with their Overlay Lightweight Crewneck Sweater. It’s made of 360g carded cotton fleece. A regular fitting streetwear sweater for hardcore WeSC fans.

Review: Not too long ago, I was looking around for a new shirt. I’ve been a longtime WeSC sweater lover, so I figured my next one had to be a WeSC shirt as well. This particular shirt stood out for me because of the awesome graffiti like logo on the front. It was pricey, but it was well worth it. It’s a great fit!

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