Buy A Champion Navy UCLA Bruins Hoodeed Sweatshirt For Men Online

My college years are long gone and I never attented UCLA, but that’s not going to stop me from buying and wearing those awesome UCLA shirts that you seen people wearing these days. I’ve already got a couple of UNC shirts. The whole University charisma that these shirts radiate is something I’ve always found irresistable!

I’m no teenager anymore, but I still like to wear hoodie sweatshirts. Not only do I like the feeling of having a hood hanging down my back, I actually like to wear the hood. Mostly when I go outside ofcourse. It’s not like I enjoy hoods so much that I’d put them on while I’m inside, working behind my computer. That would just be silly!

But I regularly have to make a trip outdoors to the super market, to visit a friend or simply to walk my dog late in the evening. For these situations, a hood can be a welcome feature on an already soft and warm sweatshirt. I live in a windy city and my skin is sensitive to the cold. So I’ve always liked hoods.

A guy who also wore a UCLA shirt asked me if I’ve attended UCLA, to which I reply that I hadn’t. He seemed disappointed at first, but we quickly got along just nicely. The most important thing was that I had affinity for college culture, apparently.

So not only are UCLA sweatshirts great to wear because they’re warm and soft and they simply look awesome, they also seem to work really well when it comes to making new friends. Ha ha!

This won’t be my last UCLA sweatshirt. There are also other ones available on Amazon that have a differently colored lettering. This one is pretty awesome and I’ll be wearing it for a few weeks until it no longer feels new.

And then, I’ll definitely try out this other UCLA sweatshirt for men right there!

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